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Top 5 Benefits of Running a Landscaping Business

When you own a company, your success depends solely on you.

When you own a franchise, you’re still the boss, but you’re also backed by a successful brand with a plug and play business model.

Starting a lawn-care franchise is a fulfilling and lucrative opportunity. Here are five benefits of running a landscaping business.

What are the Advantages of Owning a Lawn-Care Franchise?

The majority of American homeowners have lawns, which all need to be mowed. The ability to create a recurring revenue business is just one of the incentives to start your franchise.


Despite all of the unanswered questions in life, there are a few certainties. The sun will rise. The moon will shine. And the grass will grow.

Take a look at these statistics:

  • Landscaping is a $99-billion industry.
  • Lawn maintenance comes in at $40 billion.
  • Commercial mowing makes up $22.4 billion of lawn maintenance.
  • Residential represents the remaining $17.6 billion.

The bottom line is that people want their lawns to look good, but they don’t always want to do the work. One in five homeowners pays for lawn service, a statistic that doesn’t change much in a down economy. Because Mowbot’s model has lower overhead and is extremely cost-competitive, we tend to pick up clients in a downturn.

When it comes to commercial landscaping, municipalities, corporate campuses, and HOAs do not have the option to stop mowing or do the work themselves. This is the true recession-proof component of the lawn-care industry and the most profitable segment of Mowbot’s customer base. 


At Mowbot, our model is nimble and flexible with a low labor burden. This allows franchisees to cover a much larger scope of business with minimal staff. With the Mowbot model, you can operate multiple accounts per month with one laborer. In a traditional mowing business, you’d need two to three laborers for every 50 yards per month. 

Besides labor, a traditional cutting crew needs to invest thousands of dollars in equipment on top of labor, maintenance, and repairs. In the long run, a robotic model like Mowbot offers less oversight, less labor, less maintenance, and less downtime, which makes it easier to scale.  


Robotic mowers are disrupting an old and dying mowing services industry. Outdated technology and a heavy reliance on scarce labor and fossil fuels make clean robotics a logical solution. 

Mowbot’s battery-powered equipment uses less energy and no gasoline. Gas is a major contributor to pollution, and it’s also bad for the soil when it’s spilled. Our mowers also cut down on noise pollution; they’re virtually silent. 

Our mowers produce more resilient lawns that require less fertilizer and irrigation. They cut continuously and in different directions, preventing grass from going into shock. The tiny grass clippings that are left behind are full of nitrogen and provide much-needed nutrients for customers’ lawns.


When you own a business that provides a service, you engage with the people in your community daily. Robotic mowers help relieve noise, traffic, and environmental headaches for your customers and their neighbors.

Mowbot’s mowers are safe around pets, children, and anyone else who encounters them. The bots do not have large, heavy blades like traditional commercial mowers. Our robots are lightweight and use state-of-the-art safety features, including alarms and sensors that tell them to change directions when they bump into something.

Don’t forget about the cool factor! Having a robotic mower is a conversation starter. Everyone in the neighborhood will want to learn more about your customer’s robot and its capabilities, which could turn into more business for you.

Support Network

When a franchisee joins Mowbot, they’re surrounded by processes and systems that assist in their entry to the market with a proven business model. Their growth is then nurtured by a team mentality. All franchise owners share stories of successes and challenges weekly, which closes the learning curve gap and the costs that go with it. 

Our Jumpstart program walks franchisees through the first 90 days of operation. This covers establishing strategic partnerships, setting up insurance and licensing, pre-opening preparation, business office setup, equipment purchasing, and marketing and sales initiatives.

There’s also an opening assistance package that includes a comprehensive mobile experiential marketing and a sales kit for trade shows, demonstrations, and brand awareness events. Mowbot makes this happen through ancillary digital marketing and social media support to help drive leads to the franchisees’ local events. 

lawn care

Top 5 Benefits of Running a Landscaping Business

Now you know the top five advantages of owning a lawn-care franchise.

When you invest in a landscaping business, you’re entering a recession-proof industry with scalability. With Mowbot specifically, you are disrupting the landscape of lawn care and making your community more eco-friendly. Finally, you are supported every step of the way by a team with a track record of success.

Let’s get to know each other. Reach out and speak with a development director about starting your journey to owning a Mowbot franchise today!

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