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How Do Robotic Lawn Mowers Work?

The future of lawn care is here.

Robotic mowers are eco-friendly, virtually silent, and require less labor than traditional mowers.

But how do they do it?

In this blog, we’ll explain how robotic mowers work and why you should get in on this revolutionary technology by investing in a Mowbot franchise.

How Do Robotic Lawn Mowers Work?

The technology behind robotic mowers is what produces healthier and more resilient lawns. It’s the smarter and safer choice when it comes to landscaping. Let’s begin with the setup. 

Boundary & Guide Wires

During the installation of a robotic mower, a boundary wire is set up to define the working area. This helps the mower reach all the areas that need to be cut and manage passages in the yard. It also means the mower only cuts where it’s supposed to cut.

Within the boundary wire, guide wires are installed to help the mower get to different parts of the lawn and find the shortest path to the charging station when the battery is low. The mower doesn’t leave marks on the grass because it varies its distance from the guide wire each time it returns to charge.

The mower will automatically return to the station to recharge when it’s running low on battery. The guide wires along with the mower’s technology help it maneuver to and from remote locations, such as under shrubs or into tight corners. The boundary wire prevents the mower from invading flower beds, patios, or outdoor living areas.

GPS-Assisted Navigation & Sensors

With GPS-assisted navigation, the mower can register areas of the lawn it's already covered, and then adjust its mowing pattern accordingly. It doesn’t stick to straight lines, which means less stress on the grass. The mower learns the lawn and how the grass grows in different areas to ensure perfect coverage.

One robotic mower can handle a lawn up to 1.25 acres as well as slopes and small debris (such as pinecones or fallen branches). Our all-wheel-drive model can take on slopes with up to a 70% grade. Depending on the size and complexity of a yard, two robotic mowers may be set up to guarantee accurate coverage.

The mowers have built-in sensors that detect objects and then lower speed to avoid hard collisions. When lifted, the mower’s blades immediately stop. The sensors also tell the mower to change directions when it bumps into an object. All of these features make the mower safe to use around children and pets

Continuous Mowing

Dull mower blades rip grass blades apart, which can make the grass more susceptible to drought and disease. Robotic mowers have razor-sharp blades designed for efficient and continuous mowing. However, as the blades pivot on the cutting disc, they fold away when touching objects other than grass.

Because Mowbot’s mowers cut continuously, they leave behind tiny grass clippings full of nitrogen that disappear into the ground. As a result, the lawn receives much-needed nutrients and requires less fertilizer. There’s also no need for raking or collecting grass clippings after mowing.

A robotic mower is great for weed control because it works on only one lawn. Traditional lawn care companies go from yard to yard with the same mower. If someone’s lawn has weeds, parvovirus, or other bacteria, a traditional mower may transport those contaminants to another yard. 

Other Technology

Our mowers adjust their mowing for grass growth and weather conditions. If they enter an area of taller grass, they will work in a spiral pattern to even out the difference. This is especially helpful in maintaining sections of a lawn that get more sun than other areas.

Robotic mowers can work morning, noon, and night because they’re quietly battery-powered. Settings such as the mowing schedule and mowing height are controlled through an app. If the bot stops working for some reason, a technician will automatically be dispatched to figure out the problem. 

Mowbot’s mowers are protected from theft because they won’t function outside the boundary line. Plus, the built-in GPS makes them easy to track. Other features coming soon include wireless installation, which will be beneficial for commercial properties where there are fewer obstacles.

robotic lawn mower

How Robotic Lawn Mowers Work

Now you know how robotic lawn mowers work and why now is the time to get in on this revolution that’s disrupting the lawn-care industry.

With unique features such as continuous mowing and GPS-assisted navigation,  robotic mowers offer a clean, green, and quiet solution to lawn maintenance.

When you invest in a Mowbot franchise, you are one step closer to becoming a pioneer in landscaping. Learn more about how robotic mowers work in this free webinar!

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