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How Does Mowbot Support Its Franchisees?

It takes a lot of time, money, and energy to start a business. The experience can be thrilling, but also scary. 

That’s the beauty of owning a franchise. You’re in charge, but you still get a ton of support.

Here’s how Mowbot helps business owners set up their lawn care franchises.

How Does Mowbot Help Franchisees Get Started?

Pre-opening assistance begins with our Jumpstart program. From the moment you sign your Mowbot franchise agreement, you’ll be guided every step of the way as you prepare for the grand opening of your new business.

Franchise Business Setup

As part of your franchise business setup, we’ll start by advising you to hire an attorney and an accountant. An attorney can help you with the legal aspects of running a business, while an accountant can assist in managing your finances. These trusted advisors will be invaluable sources of guidance throughout your franchise journey.

Next, you’ll need to establish your business entity. The most common types are sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, S-corporation, and limited liability company. You’ll also have to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and a sales tax certificate.

Our marketing team will recommend your Mowbot “Doing Business As” (DBA) name, which you will file with your county. We’ll help you get set up with Husqvarna as a dealer by sending over electronic forms for you to e-sign. 

After your business entity is formed, you’ll want to establish a corporate checking account and credit card. You may also consider adding a corporate savings account and/or line of credit. Then, it’s time to train on QuickBooks, sign up for a payroll service, and set up a merchant account to accept customer payments.

You’ll use our fully integrated SalesForce business platform for customer relationship management (CRM) to keep all your lead and customer information. This is how you’ll schedule appointments, create quotes, and set up recurring payments. SalesForce is fully integrated with Quickbooks and has a knowledge library.

Licensing & Insurance

Once your initial setup is completed, you’ll have to make sure your business meets all state and local licensing requirements. Your attorney will be a great resource to ensure you’re compliant in your local market. You’ll also need to obtain proper business insurance. Mowbot will give you a list of our approved providers.

Pre-Opening Prep

Many factors and requirements will determine when you can launch your franchise, so we’ll help you come up with a realistic opening date. When it’s time for training, you’ll head to our home office for five days. 

Our training program focuses both on learning how to run a business as well as technical training related to installing robots, maintenance, and repair. Mowbot will help you master our business model and teach you how to sell your services. You’ll learn how to engage effectively with customers and establish your business plan. 

We recommended you start the recruiting process at least four to six weeks before opening. You should think about your existing networks or people you already know who would make great first hires. You may also want to consider veteran associations and temporary labor source options.

Franchise Location

Your business may be located at your home, an office, or a warehouse. Your franchise business consultant will work with you early on to help you with the site selection process. They’ll also advise you on storage solutions for your bots and the proper setup for maintenance, testing, and troubleshooting.

After your location is approved, you’ll need to provide a business address and phone number. Your business’s physical address will be displayed on your website, Google map listing, and online directories. Your business’s local phone number will be routed to our call center. 

Marketing & Sales

Our call center and in-house marketing support will help get your business set up quickly. We recognize the majority of our franchisees are not marketing experts, which is why we assist in managing your digital marketing and lead generation. Our team is experienced in acquiring customers and generating demand for franchisees. 

The call center staff will work with you to ensure your franchise is set up to receive customer calls and book appointments on your calendar. We’ll handle all customer inquiries, convert them into scheduled appointments, and help manage your customer relationships.

Our marketing department will help you establish contacts in your territory, get involved with local organizations, and do a competitive market analysis. Mowbot will build your website and provide you with customizable advertising materials. We’ll also assist in setting up your social media accounts.

Vehicle & Equipment

Mowbot will work with you to get your corporate vehicle ready for business, which includes purchasing or leasing the car and getting Mowbot branding. You’ll order your initial equipment package directly from Husqvarna at least two weeks before your opening date. We also recommend adding several technology components such as a laptop, antivirus software, tablets, and a smartphone.

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How Does Mowbot Support Its Franchisees?

Now you know how Mowbot helps business owners get started with their landscaping franchises.

Our Jumpstart program covers everything from contracting professional services to recruiting your first hires to branding your business vehicle. 

The Mowbot team will be with you during every step of your entrepreneurial journey. You can learn more about opening a franchise here.

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