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How Robotic Mowing Is Better for Grass

Gas-powered mowers have dominated the landscaping industry for years. But they come with plenty of environmental costs, as well as various health concerns.

Robotic mowers are the future of lawn care. Not only are they fun and cool, but they’re also better for grass. 

Here’s how a robotic mower makes a lawn healthier, thicker, and greener compared to a traditional mower.

How Is Robotic Mowing Better for Grass?

A robotic lawn mower provides higher-quality lawn care by mowing continuously, using small and sharp blades, reducing weed growth, and being eco-friendly.

Continuous Mowing

If you use a traditional mower, you probably cut the lawn once a week during the peak season. This allows the grass to grow for several days. Then, all of a sudden, a big chunk of the plant body is slashed. The lawn gets stressed by this and tries to grow faster. It needs more water and extra fertilizer. The grass also looks less green. 

Robotic mowers cut continuously in different directions, which prevents your grass from going into shock. When your lawn is stressed, it’s more prone to weeds and less able to cope with environmental factors. The constant cutting of a robotic mower leaves behind tiny clippings full of nitrogen and much-needed nutrients for the grass, which helps it thrive.

Frequent mowing is the single biggest reason why golf courses and professional baseball diamonds tend to look lusher than residential yards.

Small, Sharp Cuts

A traditional mower has big, high-power blades that are designed to cut a lot of grass in a short amount of time. These blades tend to be dull and rip the grass apart rather than making clean cuts. All of this makes a lawn more susceptible to drought and disease. It can even make the grass appear white.

A robotic mower uses small, razor-sharp blades that mulch your lawn. They move slower and cut smaller amounts of grass. This prevents a large volume of clippings from clumping together and sitting on top of the grass instead of naturally fertilizing it. The lawn is always freshly cut, less stressed, and able to recover quickly.

Even though the blades of a robotic mower are sharp, it is safe to use around children and pets. Sensors will stop the mower’s blades in an instant if it comes into contact with something.

Weed Reduction

In traditional lawn care businesses, the same mower is used on multiple yards. If another client’s lawn has contaminants like weeds, parvovirus, or other bacteria, that mower will likely bring those impurities into the next yard. Any work that’s being done to prevent weeds from growing in that lawn becomes a waste of time.

A robotic mower is used in one yard only. It lives on the lawn. There’s no opportunity for cross-contamination from other yards. Also, because the grass never gets that high due to continuous mowing, weeds don’t have a chance to sprout up over the top of the grass and spread their seeds. 

The combination of growth prevention and continuous fertilization enables the robotic mower to both weed and feed the lawn.


Traditional mowers are full of pollutants. They’re gas-powered, so they emit carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons, which is bad for the air. Mowers that use gasoline produce a lot of noise, which is harmful to people’s hearing. When gas is spilled from a mower, it can lead to groundwater contamination.

Robotic mowers are battery-powered. They use less energy and no gasoline at all. Battery-operated mowers are quiet, which means there’s none of the humming, buzzing, and droning that’s associated with traditional equipment. Without the use of fossil fuels, there’s nothing around to seep into the ground.

The lithium-ion batteries that power robotic mowers are energy dense with great efficiency. This reduces the cost and environmental impacts of mowing.

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How Robotic Mowing Is Better for Grass

Now you know how a robotic lawn mower is better for grass compared to a traditional lawn mower.

By mowing continuously, using small and sharp blades, reducing weed growth, and being eco-friendly, robotic mowers produce more resilient lawns.

Keeping grass mowed at the same height is the best way to take care of it. Small trimmings provide nitrogen and help to mulch the ground, which retains moisture longer and makes a yard more beautiful.

You can see for yourself how Mowbot’s fleet of equipment makes lawns healthier, thicker, and greener. Take a look at this blog or sign up to watch this free webinar to learn more about how robotic mowers work.

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