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How to Find (and Keep) Your Ideal Mowbot Customer

Before you invest your time and money into a lawn-care franchise, you’d probably like to know what type of customer will be lining up for your services.

After all, without the right target audience, your business won’t be successful. You need to know who your customers are and what they need.

In this blog, we’ll explain how to find your ideal Mowbot customer and what kind of support you can expect.

Who Would Be a Typical Customer for Mowbot?

Mowbot’s customers are anything but typical. 

The need for a reliable and consistent mowing service exists in all tax brackets, every community, and any organization with a manicured lawn. Emerging Mowbot customers are a cross-section of the communities we serve. 

From school districts and municipalities to homeowners and even commercial landscape firms, Mowbot provides a solution for every type of property where robotics can be applied. 

Mowbot customers want more than just a lawn service; they want customer service. From the first contact to weekly visits, we wow our customers with our knowledgeable, friendly, and professional approach to service.

What Does the Ideal Mowbot Customer Care About?

The ideal Mowbot customer cares about how gas-powered mowers pollute the environment. 

U.S. lawn-care equipment represents 5% of air pollution, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That’s because traditional lawn-care equipment runs on fossil fuels, which release toxic emissions that are harmful to people and the earth. Our battery-powered robots use advanced sensors and self-charging technology. They don’t require one drop of gasoline.

Fossil fuels are a dangerous pollutant to the ground as well, especially when they’re mishandled. Gardeners and traditional lawn care companies spill more than 17 million gallons of fuel per year, according to the EPA. Mowbot’s eco-friendly approach allows us to do our part in protecting the environment by reducing groundwater contamination.

An ideal Mowbot customer wants to reduce the noise of lawn care in their neighborhood. By utilizing battery-powered equipment, our mowers create less noise pollution than traditional lawn-care companies. There’s no loud humming, buzzing, or droning bothering the customer or their neighbors. The robotic mower simply works quietly in the yard.

The ideal Mowbot customer needs a good-looking lawn. Robotic mowers produce healthier and hardier lawns that require less irrigation. Our robots cut continuously and in different directions, so the grass doesn’t go into shock and gets thicker and greener. Frequent mowing is the single biggest reason why golf courses and professional baseball diamonds tend to look lusher than yards. 

How Does Mowbot Help Franchisees Find Customers?

As a franchisor, Mowbot provides national and local brand awareness initiatives through paid search, SEO, social media, and sponsorship activities that feed market-specific Mowbot websites. Franchisees can build on that brand awareness by getting out in the community and building relationships themselves. 

The disruptive nature of this robotic technology and the service model we employ it in requires a lot of education to build consumer understanding and confidence in the early days. In-person demonstrations, sponsorships, selling, and trade events are key to developing a local customer base.  

Learn More about Becoming a Mowbot Franchise Owner

How Does Mowbot Help Franchise Owners Keep Customers?

From a retention standpoint, Mowbot monitors consumer satisfaction and key performance indicators (KPIs) for each market to stay ahead of any shifts in consumer buying patterns and trends. We then work with the franchisees to localize marketing initiatives—both traditional and digital—to drive positive growth in the market. 

Our customer care center handles all customer inquiries, converts them into scheduled appointments, and helps manage the customer relationship. Knowledgeable call center representatives deliver a world-class customer experience.

We also have an innovative and complete web-based business platform that manages field service and provides Mowbot franchise owners with real-time business intelligence for maximum efficiency and flawless service delivery. 

robotic lawn mower

How to Find (and Keep) Your Ideal Mowbot Customer

Now you know how to find your ideal customer and what kind of support you can expect from Mowbot. 

Mowbot’s customers can be residential or commercial. They expect great customer service and care about the environment, noise reduction, and healthy lawns. We help franchisees find these customers with an award-winning and proven franchise support team with a track record of success.

If you want to get in on the ground floor of a concept that is disrupting the entire lawn-care industry, get started by speaking to a Mowbot development director today!

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