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The Process of Becoming a Mowbot Franchisee

You’ve thought about starting a business and believe franchising offers the best of both worlds: autonomy and support.

But there are many franchises to choose from. How do you know which one is right for you?

If you want to be part of a concept that’s disrupting the entire lawn care industry, Mowbot is your answer!

When you buy one of our franchises, you not only take control of your financial future, but are also backed by an award-winning team.

Here are more details on the stages of becoming a franchisee with Mowbot.

What Is the Process of Becoming a Franchisee?

There are eight steps to becoming a Mowbot franchisee.

  • Introductory Call
  • Application
  • Webinar
  • FDD Review
  • Validation
  • Executive Call
  • Discovery Day
  • Signing Day

Introductory Call

The introductory call lasts about 15 minutes and is designed to get to know you better. We want to learn more about your background, goals, and values. We also like to share with you a little bit more about the Mowbot family. At this stage, we lay the groundwork for what’s ahead in the discovery process and answer any initial questions you might have.


If all goes well with the introductory call, and you’re still interested in becoming a Mowbot franchisee, we ask you to fill out an online application. This way, we can gather more information about you and send out some extra details about us. The discovery process officially begins after this step is complete.


Through our webinar, you learn all the ins and outs of the Mowbot business model in a slide presentation. We explain what it’s like to own a Mowbot franchise and what services you would offer as a franchisee. We also provide information on what you can expect from the home office. This includes details on our business platform, marketing support, training, and coaching.

FDD Review

After the webinar is finished, we send you a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for your review. This is the official document that outlines all of the legal information, fees, and responsibilities involved in owning a Mowbot franchise. We advise you to read the FDD with an attorney.

Once you review the FDD in its entirety, we conduct a follow-up call to answer questions and discuss the next step. If you decide to move forward, you sign a document stating you’ve read the FDD and understand its contents. This must be done at least two weeks before you sign the franchise agreement.


Up until now, you’ve only spoken with members of the Mowbot team about the franchisee experience. Now it’s time to talk to the folks who are out in the trenches!

We’ll set you up with current franchise owners to get perspectives on their experiences with Mowbot. This way, you get some new information about how the business model works in the real world versus on paper.

Executive Call

Next, you hop back on the phone to talk to one of our executives about your experience so far and what you hope to achieve with Mowbot. This informal chat offers another opportunity for the team to get to know you better and explore your goals for a potential franchise. This call is part of a prelude to meeting the entire team at headquarters.

Discovery Day

Discovery Day takes place on a Tuesday. However, we invite you to Durham, North Carolina, the night before for an informal dinner. There, you meet other potential franchisees as well as some Mowbot team members.

On Discovery Day, you get introduced to people from different areas of the Mowbot team who will explain how they work with franchisees. You get a better idea of how the home office runs in person. You also see the mowers in action. A representative from Husqvarna will be on hand to go over the products and how they work.

The information you gather on Discovery Day should not be anything new or surprising. Rather, it’s a confirmation of everything you’ve learned up until this point and a culmination of how Mowbot operates its franchise system.

Signing Day

When you are ready to start your entrepreneurial journey with Mowbot, we give you a call to walk you through signing the franchise agreement via DocuSign. Once you pay your franchise fees, congratulations are in order! You move on to working with the onboarding team through the JumpStart program.


The Process of Becoming a Mowbot Franchisee

Now you know more about the steps involved in joining the Mowbot family as a franchisee.

Through a series of informal and formal processes, we gather information from you and share details about us with the ultimate goal of helping you start a successful business.

If you have more questions about becoming a Mowbot franchisee, contact us today!Learn More about Becoming a Mowbot Franchise Owner

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