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Why Mowbot Is Kinder to the Environment Than Traditional Lawn Care

Most mowers and other equipment used to maintain lawns are powered by oil and gasoline.

These fossil fuels are a major contributor to air and ground pollution, plus there are more efficient alternatives out there when it comes to energy use. And don’t get us started on the noise pollution! 

Mowbot’s mission is to provide first-class lawn maintenance in a way that’s kind to the environment

Here’s how our robotic mowing system is greener than traditional lawn care services.

Why Is Mowbot Better for the Environment?

The main reason Mowbot is kinder to the environment than traditional lawn care is that our mowers are battery-powered. Because our equipment does not run on fossil fuels, our services are clean, green, and quiet.

Fewer Emissions

Traditional lawn care equipment represents 5% of U.S. .air pollution, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Regular mowers, blowers, trimmers, and edgers generally require oil and gasoline, which release toxic emissions that are harmful to you, your family, your lawn, and the climate.

These pollutants include carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and hydrocarbons. Nitrous oxides contribute to acid rain and smog formation. Hydrocarbons also cause smog. Did you know the number of toxic emissions from gas-powered mowers and blowers is higher than dangerous pollutants from large vehicles?

Mowbot uses battery-powered equipment and electric cars to service lawns. These bots are state-of-the-art, use advanced sensors and self-charging technology, and never require a drop of gasoline.

Reduced Groundwater Contamination

While the use of fossil fuels pollutes the environment, the energy source is even more dangerous when it’s mishandled. Gardeners and traditional lawn care companies spill more than 17 million gallons of fuel per year, according to the EPA. 

This can cause groundwater contamination, which may lead to poor drinking water quality, high cleanup costs, and potential health problems. Because the contaminants move slowly, the problem can go undetected for some time.

Mowbot’s battery-powered equipment reduces groundwater contamination because there’s no gas to spill. When the mower needs to be “refueled,” it only requires the lithium-ion battery to be recharged.

No Cross-Contamination

Traditional lawn care companies use the same equipment for every customer they serve. This means if the crew that mows your lawn just came from a yard that had weeds, insects, or fungi, those contaminants could now be invading your grass.

There’s something else a traditional mower could pick up and place on your lawn: dog waste. Common diseases and contaminants found in dog waste include whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, corona, giardiasis, salmonellosis, cryptosporidiosis, and campylobacteriosis.

A robotic mower doesn’t leave your property. It mows your lawn and only your lawn. 

This keeps your yard healthy, as well as your pets and family. There’s no chance of cross-contamination because the mower stays put.

Less Energy Consumption & Noise

The petrol engines used in traditional lawn care equipment consume a lot of energy. The power to keep Mowbot’s mowers, equipment, and vehicles running comes from the electricity grid, which is much more efficient.

There’s also a lot less noise with battery-powered equipment. A typical lawn care crew that’s working on a yard creates a loud disturbance with mowers and blowers. While the extra noise is annoying, it’s also harmful to the operators and bystanders. 

Mowbot’s robotic mowers are so quiet you can barely hear them. There’s no humming, buzzing, or droning. The bots create such little commotion they can even be used at night.

Less Irrigation & Fertilizer

Traditional lawn care crews come by about once a week during the growing season. This means the grass climbs higher for several days, then the blades are slashed. This is not healthy for the lawn and could cause it to go into shock.

While irrigation and fertilizer can be used to revive the grass, this practice is not necessary with robotic mowing. The bot continuously cuts the lawn, which reduces the stress on the grass blades.

When tiny clippings full of nitrogen fall to the ground, they act as a natural fertilizer. This doesn’t happen with regular cutting because the clippings are too big and stay on top of the grass. The result of robotic mowing is a healthier, more resilient lawn.


Why Mowbot Is Kinder to the Environment

Now you know why the equipment Mowbot uses is better for the environment compared to traditional lawn care service tools.

Our battery-powered bots:

  • produce fewer emissions;
  • reduce groundwater contamination;
  • eliminate cross-contamination;
  • consume less energy;
  • create less noise; and
  • require less irrigation & fertilizer.

The team at Mowbot cares deeply about environmentally friendly lawn care. If you feel the same, then this may be the franchise for you. Contact us today about taking the next steps of your entrepreneurial journey!

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